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All Things Blootiful


Freelance Photographer



Derek Ho captures art in all things – science, nature, and people; and uses photography as a way to live in the present moment. As he pursues his Ph.D. in Biological Systems Engineering, Derek embraces the many connections of natural systems.

He amalgamates them into his artwork, creating a very natural yet complex composition in his work.


His focus of space and time simplifies the complexity of reality into a single frame with a rich narrative. His parakeets, Parry and Bloo, are two of his most favorite subjects who honed his ability to create non-verbal narratives from voiceless characters.


Derek’s website aptly named All Things Blootiful, embodies his playful style of photography and his immense appreciation for the world that he always sees as beautiful.


About Derek

- Catholic Photographer getting microplastics out of water

- Future professor in Environmental Engineering

- Enjoys getting lost and looking Up!

- Love birds (Beautiful, intelligent little creatures)

- Loves Jazz and swing dancing

- Always up for an adventure and a marathon

- Based in Madison, WI

What is Photography to me?

Photography is a very special medium as it captures a perception of reality that is not of our own.


Everybody has their own perception and view of the world resulting in a very different image despite us standing a foot apart. This difference from another's frame of reference lets us view the world from their eyes. We are able to "see" what others saw as well as the narrative he is trying to create.

Plainly, photography is viewing the world from somebody else's eyes and the process of taking those photos is a product of their own feelings, experiences and thoughts at that moment. It is a different set of realities that we can only begin to fathom.

Let's talk

Derek Ho

Freelance photographer - Wedding & Coaching

Madison, Wisconsin 53703


Contact: (6O8)-422-9322


Thank you for contacting All Things Blootiful! Can't wait to capture your life blootifully


Being Present & Seeing God in the details ...

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