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The inception of knowing?

So it all begins.

A condensed series of everything. And when I mean everything - EVERYTHING.

With multifarious pursuits and interest, like photography, drawing, cooking, architecture, biological sciences to human anatomy, my life may seem convoluted and sometimes even plain absurd. However, life is a process of learning and these are the interests that have piqued my curiosity and roused my appetite for its complete understanding.

As a disclaimer, I must warn you that things will get silly for that's the only fun way to learn and see things from my point of view.

So join me as I try to comprehend the world, and explain to you the complexities of reality simply and succinctly as I embark on this knowledge journal. It will be a rough ride but I promise you that there will be pretty pictures and entertaining illustrations to come.

A storyteller I hope to be and these are the stories of knowledge I would like to share and chirp about.

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